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Hey there, how are you? I'm Snoopy.

I love writing (code and blogs), but like any worthwhile interest, it takes time and effort; and, as much as I despise talking about it - money.

As a student, I'm not financially independent yet, however I'm definitely not giving up my passion for blogging and programming. By donating the equivalent of pennies to you, it means the world to me. It reminds me that there are generous people out there who are supporting me!

Please note that I don't want to pressure you into donating - you're supporting me plenty by just reading my articles :) Sponsoring me is for those who want to take the extra step.

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Aug 27, 2022Let's build our own VPN in under 5 minutes with Outline! If you need help or have feedback, DM me on Twitter 👈 Let's get into it! 🚀 Background Information Outline VPN is a free and open source project that allows you to run your own VPN server thr...

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